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Law – All Artist / Producer Mixes

If you’ve been following Drumtrip you’ll know I have knocked up a fair few all artist mixes over the years. I’m aware that plenty of people are not really a fan of these types of mixes, thinking they are a bit lazy or obvious. I can understand that argument to an extent – it would be easy to

Wheeler – Drumtrip Radio #005 [30/03/14]

As we enter week 5, my good friend Wheeler controls the sound at Drumtrip Radio. A man who lets the music do the talking, Wheeler comes with a atmospheric mid 90s selection which gets a little dark and aggressive towards the end. Personal highlights here being Krust’s amazing “Soul In Motion” and Digital’s “Lower Depths”. Get

Drumtrip Sessions #09 – Serum

I feel like a broken record, but it’s been a long time since the last Drumtrip Session. Quality over quantity is very much the mantra here, and this session was well worth waiting for.  Serum of Dread and V Recordings (among many others) speaks to us about his love for jungle, before laying down a

Law – Adam F: The Early Years Mix

Adam Fenton, better known as Adam F, is one of few jungle acts to truly make a mark on the popular music scene outside of Drum and Bass circles (sorry!). His debut long player ‘Colours’ was a landmark for the UK jungle scene and is one of those albums, along with Goldie’s ‘Timeless’, that will

Adam F – Circles (Remix)

Circles itself needs no introduction being one of the seminal jungle/drum and bass tracks from the 90’s. This remix however is the ultra rare one sided etched promo copy released exclusively on Section 5 Records in limited numbers. Reportedly only sent to key dnb djs and with limited distribution in record shops this retails at a hefty

What is Jungle? – The History 1992 to 1996

The Evolution of Drum and Bass Drumtrip has showcased a lot of classic tunes between our designated years of 1992 to 1996 since it was started. Many of these have been stone cold anthems, others more under-appreciate personal favourites but I imagine not every visitor has encyclopaedic knowledge of Hardcore / Jungle (neither do I).