Lucky Spin STU series mix by Noisemonkey

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Noisemonkey of Subvert Central has compiled a most excellent mix of pretty much all the STU releases by vintage label Lucky Spin.

Lucky Spin and it’s main offshoot Deejay Recordings were huge and pioneered what I can only describe as ‘Deep Space Jungle’, DJ Crystl in particular but also Orca (aka Decoder), Slipmaster J, DJ Trace and the Invisible Man all played a huge part, mostly with legendary engineer Pete Parsons on the desk.
STU was not necessarily the label name but it was a series of white labels put out by Lucky Spin without only the cat number of STU followed by the number itself, as you can see below some of these tracks do not have tune names, some are not even artist credited but that was part of the mystique in Jungle back in those days I guess.
Anyway, the mix….

-Download-Lucky Spin Recordings

DJ Crystl – Live EP
DJ Crystl – Give It Up
Slipmaster J – Groundhog Day
Slipmaster J – Groundhog Day (Remix)
DJ Crystl – Let It Roll (Remix)
Orca – 4 AM12
Voyager – Knowledge
Koda What Kind Of World
Acro Superpod
Orca Dancehall
Koda – What Kind Of World
Tonic – Keep It Real
DJ Crystl – Loose
STU-15? – Life Is A Roll
STU-16? – Shelter
Tonic – Wake Up Call
DJ Trace – ??
STU-19? – In The Sky
Psykis – Pretend
Tonic – The Mack / Hip To The Hoppa
1996 STU-23
1996 STU-24 Voyager – Sky High
Invisible Man – Tripping On Technology

About Law

Main author and creator of Drumtrip. I have been listening to and mixing drum and bass in its various forms since 1998. Drumtrip was designed to celebrate the glory years between 1991 and 1997.

  • Anon

    do you know what track comes in at 80:14? i checked on discogs and it doesn’t seem to be the mack or hip to the hoppa. thanks.

  • mi-jah

    Downloadlink is not working?
    I get a “400 BAD REQUEST” message…
    Could this be fixed please?

  • Law

    The link seems to be working fine again now mi-jah. Thanks

  • Noisemonkey

    Hey anon..

    The track at 80:14 is Hip To The Hoppa. It’s just the bit after the last breakdown.

  • Jonny H

    any chance of a new upload for 2012, the old link is not working 🙁 cheers

  • Law

    Might be worth sending Noisemonkey a mail at noisemonkey AT I am sure he can help, top guy.

  • noisemonkey
  • Law

    Wicked stuff noisemonkey, new link added.

  • Jonny H

    just downloaded it after a year !!! & it’s nice, cheers

  • jish-wa

    downloading now, I hadn’t really heard of this STU stuff, as I wasn’t buying vinyl in the early 90s … but I love what you call Deep Space Jungle (I call it ‘space walk jungle’) and all of Crystl and Trace’s tunes, so I am looking forward to this.

    ps – The Law’s DJ Crystl part 1 mix is THE best artist mix I’ve ever downloaded

  • Law

    Cheers man, glad you like the Crystl mix. Much appreciated.

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