‘95 Rugged and Raw’ Mini Mix by Dan Norman

Sweet little mix here by Drumtrip regular reader Dan Norman. Some big amentastic 95 selection.

R-24715-1222166255Flicking through my vinyl over Christmas I picked out a few time honoured tracks that epitomise the tough rolling style showcased by DJs like Kemistry & Storm and Randall etc around 1995.

As the turkey was still defrosting I decided to knock up a quick mini-mix. Deep amen tracks like these bridged the widening gap between the Good Looking crew’s increasingly delicate output and the darker techstep sound that was just starting to emerge at this time from Trace and Doc Scott etc.

1995 was easily one of my favourite years for the music and tunes like this will never lose the ability to stop me dead in my tracks. The samples, drum programming and production were all on top form and the hardware based studios had ‘that’ sound I don’t quite hear anymore with software. Stakka and K-Tee in particular were running it with Ant Miles and DJ Harmony was killing it with tracks like Serious.

Unfortunately its only 30mins but I will do a longer pt2 sometime.

S.O.S. – Lost – F86
Studio Pressure – Relics (Digital Remix) – Certificate 18
DJ Die – Play it for me – V Recordings
Stakka and K-Tee – Rugged and Raw – Liftin’ Spirits
DJ Harmony – Serious – Moving Shadow
Source Direct – Hidden Rooms – Certificate 18
Stakka and K-Tee – Living for the Night – Liftin’ Spirits

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