Duff – January 2014 :: Jungle Mix

Guest post and mix here by Drumtrip reader Hugh aka Duff. I found this one his Mixcloud page and loved the selection, not to mention the smooth as silk mixing – All the tracks blend together perfectly.

R-76994-1114418506I decided to have a look through my record collection and pick out a few tunes that I really appreciated the drum patterns on. I tried to stay away from the straight amens, but it’s jungle, so sometimes you just can’t avoid it.

Not surprisingly, Source Direct make an appearance as well as PFM, Doc Scott and Red One.

I included a much more recent track by Earl Grey called Winter Symptoms, it’s available for free download and goes to show that people are still making (what I would consider to be) jungle music, even in 2014. On that note, I’m currently putting together a contemporary jungle mix, of recent tracks with a similar “days of jungle past” vibe.


Saint Etienne – The Sea ( PFM Remix )
Red One – The Futurist
Desires – Aquasky
Cloud 9 – Gun Star Hero
Engineers Without Fears – Spiritual Aura
Doc Scott – Last Action Hero
Boogie Times Tribe – Dark Stranger (Origin Unknown Mix)
Deep Blue – The helicopter song
Tom & Jerry – Air Freshener
Liftin Spirits – Will I dream?
Lix – Hardware
Source Direct – Forbidden Medicine
Earl grey – Winter Symptoms

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