TOTD: Sound Station – Sound Station

This is a guest post from Snakey. After his last ode to Danny Breaks – Droppin’ Science Vol 1, he returns to dig out a lost gem from the Suburban Base archives.


The casual steppy intro of this oft overlooked Suburban Base monster does little to reveal what’s coming after the breakdown. Similar in style to Brainkillers – Screwface which it reminds me of, its a real calm before the storm effect. Booming wobbly bassline and clattering amen breaks after the drop won’t win any originality prizes but what is delivered is all that was great about 1995 jump up jungle.

Produced by Lee and Warren Smith who were also responsible for a string of killer releases under the Asend and Ultravibe, Basic Movements and Dead Dread aliases. For whatever reason this one, they released as Sound Station and it remains the only release under that moniker. Available on Discogs for the very respectable price of £3 it makes a great piece of dancefloor TNT for any jungle djs record box.

Finding this tune tucked away at the back of a box of assorted odds and sods in my local non dance music record shop sometime back in the early noughties, and sticking it on the deck because I liked the sleeve remains one of my favourite crate digging moments.

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