Bargain Jungle – Moul’y & Lucida ‎– Inertia / Prophecy Remixes

R-21094-1273249654Today’s Bargain Jungle is brought to you by Moul’y & Lucida (Alex Moul & G. Fisken). I personally know very little about the duo, however it is an interesting fact to know that Alex Moul (Moul’y) is now a pro skater, skating for none other then Flip Skateboards (click here for video). Moul’y & Lucida have several releases combined, and the one discussed today is the remixes of Inertia and Profhesy.

Their release of Inertia and Profhesy (yes, it is really incorrectly written Profhesy) was released in 1996 on Timeless Records. Although the original release of are splendid in their own right, I’d like to showcase the remixes by KMC and Shogun released in 1997. This vinyl, also released on Timeless Records, has truly struck a special chord with me. Shogun’s remix of Inertia is a combination of energetic drums, soothing strings, beautiful keys, and of course dolphin/whale vocalization (it seemed to be popular in the 90s… and I can’t blame them, it sounds great!).  The track sweeps in and out of drops and is a joy to mix. The second tune is KMC’s remix of Prophesy (which is correctly written on the 1997 remix release) is similar in nature, but with a more vocal pad and upbeat bassline.

Both the original and remixes can be bought £2 to £5 :

Mouly And Lucida* – Inertia / Profhecy (12″)
Moul’y & Lucida ‎– Remixes

For your listening pleasure:

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