8205​ Recordings 003 – Lopez / Syuss and Reality

Pete from one of our favourite blogs (and part inspiration for Drumtrip itself) blog to the oldskool is now taking orders for his 8205 Recordings label’s third vinyl release. Wicked jungle uncovered from the 90s vaults. A word from Pete…

Happy to announce my label’s new release is up for preorder now! Two unreleased tracks from the 90’s, one from 97 (played by Bukem, Gachet and Subject 13 back then) and one from 95 (meant for Justice’s label but shelved back then).

Preorders are up at http://8205.bandcamp.com, and will be shipping from the UK hopefully some time before the release date. Even though the record is shipping from the UK, we’ve managed to keep shipping costs low even for people in the US and elsewhere (about $6.50 for 1 copy, vs the $15-18 I usually get charged on discogs).

Limited to 300 copies, slick full cover art by Keith Rankin (Giant Claw), Mastering by Beau Thomas, etc . Hope people dig it!

Don’t miss out: order at 8205.bandcamp.com

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