Tune of the day: Kaotic Chemistry – Drum Trip

five in one nightHavent done a tune of the day for a while, and then it occurred to me this landmark tune has not been posted yet.

Obviously inspiration for the Drumtrip website, Kaotic Chemistry aka 2 Bad Mice with their second release (first under this guise) on Moving Shadow back in 1991; on the brilliant ‘Five In One Night EP‘ (no prizes for guessing what that refers to).
I always think when listening to their tunes how advanced they sound compared to a lot of other tracks around the same time, some of the Shadow stuff in 1991 wouldn’t sound out of place in late 1992, which might not sound a long time but the music progressed so fast from 1990 to 1995 it is hard to fully comprehend if you weren’t  there at the time. (I was not, much to my dismay).

Anyway this one is a big roller, a great mixing tool and is used to fantastic effect on the absolutely essential Moving Shadow 10th Anniversary CD where it is practically dubbed with Cosmo & Dibs – Oh So Nice and the classic Hold It Down, I cannot recommend that mix CD enough!
That’s about all, nothing left to say, except enjoy the track.

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