Tune of the day: Ganja Kru – Tiger Style

The Ganja Kru - Tiger StyleBack to 1994 with today’s tune it is ‘Tiger Style’ by The Ganja Kru, who consisted of DJ Hype, Pascal and Zinc (not sure if they all had a hand in producing this).

Rough and ready, typical of DJ Hype by this point, heavy sub bass, jump up vibes and frenzied beats and probably my favourite Ganja tune along side the Junior Byles sampling ‘Fade Away‘ by Dopestyle.
What caught my ear instantly is the intro sampling of Wu-Tang Clan’s monumental ‘Wu-Tang Clan Aint Nutin Ta Fuck With’ with further Wu samples by GZA taken from Clan In Da Front.

Being 1994 it not only highlights the variation in jungle by this point but the variation some DJ’s dropping tunes like this, Remarc and Bukem all in the same set.

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