J Funk, Stimpy, Law, J Rolla & Serum – Essential 1993 Mix

Following on from the original Essential Jungle Mix this was knocked up in January 2009.
New additions are J-Rolla, the man with the most ridiculous oldskool collection going, and Serum of Creative Source, 36 Hertz and of course Dread Recordings fame.
The same rules applied, all of the mix was record live and in 5 tune chunks and edited to form one continuous set.

J Funk
1. Teego – Plenty Lovin’ [Straight From The Bedroom]
2. Noise Factory – Straight From The Bedroom [3rd Party]
3. Noise Factory – Come Inside [3rd Party]
4. Dr. S. Gachet & Audio Maze – Full Monty Boyz (Remix) [Labello Blanco]
5. DJ Rap & Aston – Jeopardy [Suburban Base Records]
6. Gappa G & Hyper Hypa – Information Centre [Ruff Kutt]
7. Foul Play – Being With You [Moving Shadow]
8. Apollo Two – Atlantis (I Need You) (LTJ Bukem remix) [Good Looking]
9. DJ Dove – Bird Of Prey [no label]
10. Smith Inc – Palamino [Absolute Zero]
11. DJ Crystl – Inna Year 3000 [Force Ten]
12. Bounty Killaz (Pulse & Waxdoctor) – Approach & Identify [Creative Wax]
13. Metalheads – Angel (Instrumental Flight) [Synthetic Hardcore Phonography]
14. The Invisible Man – The End (Alternative Version) [Timeless]
15. From The Man Like Pennywise – Mystery [Symphony Sounds]
16. Underworld – The Rising [Target Records]
17. Nookie – Shining In Da Darkness [Reinforced]
18. The Bookworm – Bookworm [Who Knows Vol 1]
J Rolla
19. Mad Dog – D:Tox [Underdog]
20. Jim Polo – Dark Phantasy’s [Dark Horse]
21. DJ Lee – A Touch Of Darkness [Impact]
22. FBD Project – Breakin Up [Bangin Tunes]
23. Skanna – Night Stalker EP (Track A1) [Skanna]
24. Eze G – World of Confusion [Unnatural Light]
25. International Rude Boyz – Drum Programme [Formation]
26. Uncle 22 – Choose One [Pure NRG]
27. Phantasy & Gemini – Feel Free [Rogue Trooper]
28. Roni Size – Fresh [V]
29. Extreme Minds – Unknown [Future Vinyl]

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