DJ Extreme – All Tom & Jerry Mix

You won’t come across a more dedicated follower and collector of jungle than DJ Extreme.
Over the years Extreme and his site Hardscore have provided countless people with countless mixes, both his own and ripped tapes from his personal collection.

This mix here features all the early work from 4Hero alias Tom & Jerry, the selection takes you right up to the end up 1993 before T&J’s real ragga jungle influences kicked in, with tracks like Air Freshner and Maximum Style obvious omissions.
So basically you get the best of that hardcore / jungle crossover sound on tracks like the huge ‘We Can Be Free‘.

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tom and jerry 01 The One Reason [SHELL001]
02 Physics [SHELL002]
03 The Second Reason [SHELL001]
04 Baby Don’t Shout [SHELL002]
05 Papillon Love Song [SHELL003]
06 We can be Free [SHELL002]
07 A patch of Blue [SHELL003]
08 For the Gold Teeth (F.N.T) [SHELL002]
09 B.O.S. Realting [SHELL003]
10 Let your spirit Rise [SHELL004]
11 Cat got your Tongue [SHELL003]
12 Programme 205 [SHELL004]
13 Scooby’s Dreaming [SHELL005]
14 Strings & Me [SHELL004]
15 Nine Lives (mind out tube mice) [SHELL005]
16 All alone with Dog Face [SHELL006]
17 Yamming snacks like Shaggy [SHELL005]
18 Sun on my Head [SHELL006]
19 Mousetrap (dangerous) [SHELL004]

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