TOTD: Danny Breaks – Droppin’ Science Volume 1

Guest post by friend of Drumtrip @5nakey who gets all bleary-eyed writing about his love for Danny Breaks – Droppin’ Science Vol 1. (extra props for dreaming up the phrase ‘michelin starred musical cake’)

droppin science volume 1In 1994 jungle music was alive with ideas. Before the split the happy hardcore was totally complete there was still cross pollination between the two sounds as evidenced in this wonderful tune by Danny Breaks. The juxtaposition between euphoric, hands in the air samples and rough steppy amen breaks makes this tune one of the absolute musical highlights of 1994.

Breaks had previously risen to prominence releasing a string of instant hardcore anthems under alias Sonz of a Loop Da Loop Era, most notably rave classic Far Out. (other huge efforts include the amazing Bust That Groove, Freedomism both personal favourites of mine)

Anyway back to the tune of the moment – Danny had just started his own label and what a tune to drop for the first release, a real statement of intent from what was to become a production line of jungle greatness. The instantly recognisable bell sample on the intro, the slow slow build as first the high hats and then vocals drift into the mix in what can only be described as ethereal fashion, and the BAM! probably my favourite amen of all time.
The drums in this tune do things to me that no other piece of music does – as funky as they are militant, as rolling as they are choppy, they are to me all that is exciting about jungle music.
The progression through the second and third breakdowns are just icing on what is already a michelin starred musical cake.

I could waffle for pages about how amazing i think this record is but the truth is – the music say it all. Danny Breaks if you reading – Thank you, the world is a better place for having this tune in it.

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