TOTD: Bass Selective – Blow Out Pt.II

blow-out-pt-2All together now… “You had it, you had it oh boy”

From a time where tunes really were anthems, when tunes caused an entire venue to rush their gurning faces off. And not many did it better than this track.

Bass Selective were a collective of four, one of which was T-Power, who put out a couple of well received EP’s in 1992/93 on SOUR recordings sub label DJ Only Records. And Blow Out Pt.II was no doubt their biggest track.

The EP was released towards the end of 1992, a time when the scene was starting to split a little, with the happier vibes going one way and the dark, uniformed sound pushing towards jungle / jungle techno. This one is maybe the last great example of that classic hardcore sound before the two styles went their separate ways.

Of course at the forefront of the track is the piano riff right from the off which is no doubt one of the greatest piano melodies to come out of hardcore, and there are some worthy challengers. Combine that with some ruff breaks and the standard rushy vocal  from Elizabeth Troy (an ever present in the UK dance scene) and you have yourself a classic.

Something that has struck me about this tune in recent times is how it conjures up memories for the people who were lucky enough to be raving around the time of its release. You only have to take to Discogs and YouTube to see people reminiscing and remembering the exact moment they heard this track. As I weren’t there it would be stupid for me to explain it, so I’ll let the people who were there do it instead….

A few quotes from YouTube / Discogs….

JimmyV2009 (top comment on YouTube)
hands in the fckin air!!!

Oiiiii Oiiiiii… Whistles, Horns, White Gloves, Camden Palace back in the day.. MooooooooooonDance!!!!


A tune that defines the Slammin Vinyl and World Dance raves in my opinion. You cant help but get goosebumps every time you hear the piano solo at the start and the classic ‘You had it oh boy’ lyrics.

1992 i start the breakbeat round with blow out pt.2. When the people heard the first piano note, all in the club scream!!!

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