Squarepusher – Tundra

feedmeweirdthingsI first got into Squarepusher about ten years ago after buying his second album ‘Hard Normal Daddy‘ on Warp Records. It’s a real interesting mixture of genres with a constant jungle influence and some nice jazzy moments, especially with another one of my favourites ‘Papalon‘ (I’ve dropped this in D&B sets a few times).

A lot of his stuff though was pretty leftfield and often beyond 180bpm. So it’s no surprise that his tunes never really crossed over into the jungle / drum and bass scene, which is a bit of a shame as I think a lot of people who liked the deep atmospheric sounds that Good Looking and the like were creating in the 90s, might have really enjoyed his work.

This track here is from his first album ‘Feed Me Weird Things‘ on Aphex Twin’s ‘Rephlex’ label released in 1996. You could be forgiven for thinking it could be a track by a D&B producer like Equinox, as it could easily be played alongside that atmospheric amen style without raising any eyebrows.

Let us know your favourite Squarepusher tracks in the comments below. Especially ones like this…

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