Foul Play Mini Mix by John Morrow

john morrowI caught wind that one third the legendary Foul Play, John Morrow, is now on Twitter and is back to producing smooth and jacking house under the alias of Skeleton Army (check out the Soundcloud).

Whilst perusing that Soundcloud account I come across a Foul Play mega mix put together by John himself. The mix crams in 14 absolute classic Foul Play cuts in a swift 20 minutes. It even misses out some of their other huge tracks like Renegade Snares remix and Drowning In Her (under the 4 Horseman pseudonym), which really is testament to the strength of the Foul Play back catalog.

If you have not too clued up on the old work of John, Brad and Steve, this is the mix for you.

1. Total Control – Foul Play – Moving Shadow
2. Feel Better (Foul Play Remix) – Omni Trio – Moving Shadow
3. Open Your Mind (Foul Play Remix) – Foul Play – Moving Shadow
4. Lords Of The Null-Lines (Foul Play Remix) – Hyper-On Experience – Moving Shadow
5. Survival – Foul Play – Oblivion / Moving Shadow
6. Stepper – Foul Play – Moving Shadow
7. Finest Illusion (Legal Mix) – Foul Play – Moving Shadow
8. Renegade Snares (Foul Play Remix) – Omni Trio – Moving Shadow
9. Beats Track – Foul Play – Moving Shadow
10. Stay Calm (Foul Play Remix) – DJ Pulse – Moving Shadow
11. Being With You – Foul Play – Moving Shadow
12. Murder Most Foul – Foul Play – Moving Shadow
13. Dubbing You – Foul Play – Oblivion
14. Music Is The Key feat. Denise Gordon (Omni Trio Remix) – Foul Play – Moving Shadow

In Memory of Brad…. Never Forgotten

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