DJ Zinc – Innate

R-42280-1147889454A bit of a special bargain jungle track this one.

‘Innate’ first found itself on vinyl via one of Zinc’s lesser known aliases ‘Jack Ruby‘. As Jack Ruby, Zinc experimented with the emerging deep and atmospheric (or Intelligent) sound pioneered by the likes of LTJ Bukem, and released a series of 12″s on Knowledge Records throughout 1994.

The Jack Ruby productions have become more sought after over time, helped no doubt by the small amount of records pressed for each release by Knowledge.

The last of the series, catalogue number “KR 005“,  only seemed to make it to promo and featured two unnamed tunes. Some collectors claim to have versions where the tracks are indeed listed on the sleeves; one of those tracks (the b side) was entitled ‘Innate’.

Innate has that classic atmospheric drum and bass sound; lush strings and chords, a rolling ‘think’ break backed up with the abrasive ‘hot pants’ break (taken from the Stone Roses track ‘Fools Gold‘). Positively dreamy.

At the time of writing, “KR 005” is not available to buy from any seller on Discogs, and has sold in the past for up to £25.00. I imagine the next time it’s up for sale, it may even surpass that price, such is the extortionate figures Discogs sellers seem to pluck out of thin air these days.

However, it came to my attention recently that Zinc did end up releasing Innate on Ganja Records in 1996. It was the b-side to the very well known On Fire Tonight (Remix).

I cannot find audio for the original press of ‘Innate’, but from memory the version eventually released on Ganja had some very subtle differences and perhaps a boost in tempo. Other than that, its the same track at a fraction of the price. You can get the Ganja press of ‘Innate’ from just 50p (at the time of writing).

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