Law – Seba: The Early Years Mix

sebaSebastian Ahrenberg aka Seba has arguably been one of the most consistent producers in the game since his introduction to the UK scene (along with Lo-Tek) on LTJ Bukem’s Looking Good imprint in 1996.

But you you can trace his career back further than that. Prior to his GLO excursions he was a member of a fledgling production outfit called Peanut Planet back in his home country of Sweden. Peanut Planet were Seba, Lo-Tek and MC Sandor.

Peanut Planet appeared to be very much influenced by the jungle explosion in the UK, with their tracks paying musical homage to producers such as Omni Trio and Goldie. They ended up releasing a handful of records on trance and jungle label Fluid. The highlight of these productions was probably Awakenings which had a music video that saw MTV Europe airplay.

In 1996 Seba started a fruitful relationship with the Good Looking organisation, releasing several breathtaking singles and contributing to a few albums until a less than admirable split from the label (along with other artists) around 1999.
Highlights of this period include So Long, Valley Of The Moomins, Soul 2000 and the incredible Planetary Funk Alert, the latter being a tune that really changed my perceptions of what Drum and Bass was when I first heard it back in 1999.

He then formed a great partnership with Paradox which led to a slew of singles across their own imprints as well as releasing on heavyweight labels like Metalheadz, Hospital and 31 Records.

A true legend of the scene no doubt.

This mix features on his work between 1996 and 1998. Included are some of his tracks as Peanut Planet, as well as some of his lesser known remix work in his native Sweden. Expect some tough beats and basslines alongside dreamy and atmospheric synths and keys.

01. Peanut Planet – Awakening (Album Mix) Fluid records [1996]
02. Secret Operations – Dimensions – H. Productions [1997]
03. Nåid ‎– Móðir (Seba’s Secret Operation Mix) – Beverage Records [1996]
04. Stakka Bo – Softroom (Peanut Planet Cocktail Mix) – Stockholm Records [1996]
05. Seba & Lo Tek – So Long – Looking Good [1996]
06. Stakka Bo – We Vie (Seba Paradise Remix) – Beverage Records [1997]
07. Seba & Lo Tek – Sonic Winds – Looking Good [1996]
08. Seba – Catch The Moment – Looking Good [1998]
09. Secret Operations – Too Many Secrets – Monolithic [1997]
10. Seba – Car Crash – Good Looking [1998]
11. M. Reich & J. Foufas ‎– Alchemy (Seba Remix) – Svek [1998]
12. Seba – Camouflage – Looking Good [1998]
13. Seba – Connected – Looking Good [1998]
14. Seba – Valley Of The Moonins – Good Looking [1998]

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