Drumtrip is 5 Years Old!

On this day in 2010, Drumtrip was launched.

I can’t quite believe five years has flown by in that time, and eerily, the very first post featured on Drumtrip was an Invisible Man track

I originally launched Drumtrip (named after the 2 Bad Mice tune) as a sandbox for learning some basic online marketing and SEO skills, as well as getting to grips with some rudimentary HTML / code. Since I was going to the effort of creating a site, I thought I might as well use it as an opportunity to write a load of nonsense about jungle. Looking back, it was a worthwhile exercise, since I now work in SEO and marketing full time.

I never expected the site to still be online in 2015, but I have really enjoyed being able to write about the music I love so much, and to be able to share that passion with others around the world. The site itself isn’t the busiest, but on an average week we’ll get well over 1,000 unique hits (with at least of half of them being new visitors). Not too bad for a hobby blog on what is really a pretty niche topic of interest.

Anyway, I just wanted to give a few shout outs to people that have helped me out…

To start, a big shout to all the contributors of the last 5 years. We’ve only had a few regulars and it’s been hard to tie you down, but every single post has been well received so thanks for your time and effort. Especially out to Tim Reaper, Haste (Roll Da Beats), Ben CT (Repertoire), Jamie (Section 23), Snakey, and Spyros (looking forward to your next essay man).

Next, big up to all the Drumtrip Radio regulars! Dave (AKA Brian Badonde AKA the Shameless Dub Hunter AKA The Richest Man In Jungle), you’ve been integral to Drumtrip Radio since the beginning mate. Nibbers (possibly the nicest guy in jungle), Ghaleon, Kola Nut, Wheeler. and all the Drumtrip Radio listeners, epecially Long Dark Tunnel, Remedee, EQ, Ed Bale, the regular crew!

Everyone who has taken the time to give an interview or record a mix. Shouts to DJ Trax, Monita, Djinn, J Rolla (what a mix!), eXtreme, Serum, Flatliner, Nick FX, Tekniq and Vapour.

And all the junglists world wide who visit the site, follow us on Soundcloud, listen to my mixes and Drumtrip Radio. All the crew at Beautifully Crafted Jungle (especially Matt, Charlie and Tom), the Rupture crew (Double O and Mantra), Pete Devnull (I was reading your blog before way before Drumtrip), everyone on the BCJ Facebook group, DNBA and Subvert forums.

Final shout to Invisible Man, who did a lot of the behind-the-scenes legwork for the Unreleased History Of… EP, been a pleasure to work with you man. And huge respect and love to everyone who pre-ordered that record, and stayed patient throughout the whole mispress saga. What a load of grief that was.

Apologies if I missed out anyone, you know who you are. I’ll leave you with this one…

Hold tight for vol 2.

About Law

Main author and creator of Drumtrip. I have been listening to and mixing drum and bass in its various forms since 1998. Drumtrip was designed to celebrate the glory years between 1991 and 1997.