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Logical Progression 23rd December 2005 @ Fabric

What a night this was. I remember going, hoping someone would drop a few oldskool tunes. It wasn’t advertised at all as an oldskool night, so imagine the vibes when every single DJ raided the crates for the Speed classics. Such a line up too, LTJ Bukem, Goldie, Fabio and Grooverider, and Tayla. It’s safe

Fabio & Grooverider: Debut Kiss FM show 1992

Anyone into acid house, oldskool hardcore, jungle or D&B will be already very familiar with the names Fabio and Grooverider. Starting off as Acid House DJs in the late 80’s they helped pioneer jungle & drum and bass throughout the ninties with their Kiss FM show and then more famously their Radio 1 slot. Times