Logical Progression 23rd December 2005 @ Fabric


What a night this was. I remember going, hoping someone would drop a few oldskool tunes. It wasn’t advertised at all as an oldskool night, so imagine the vibes when every single DJ raided the crates for the Speed classics.

Such a line up too, LTJ Bukem, Goldie, Fabio and Grooverider, and Tayla. It’s safe to say that without those names, D&B certainly wouldn’t be what it is today, or perhaps even exist at all.

As soon as I walked through the door I could hear Tayla playing Secret Liaison, it was obviously gonna be a great night.

Being so close to Christmas it was a good atmosphere inside and you can hear it on the recording, the crowd noise really comes through at times. No more so than on the Goldie set – I remember it well, it might have been about 3am and Goldie started with The Helicopter tune. I was too pissed to even realise what the chopper rotors sample signalled and was on my way to the bar. When it dropped the mission to the bar was quickly abandoned as I rushed back to the dancefloor. You can really hear the crowd when it drops, I get goosebumps as I reminisce on that.

Grooverider was a nice surprise too, as although it wasn’t exactly a speed style / Logical Progression set, he played some real tough 90s D&B to change the pace a little late on.

I have said numerous times on here that I was too young to hit the raves in the 90s, so I can probably say out of all the raves and club nights I have been to since  I started in 2001, this night probably had the most vibes, the best crowd, the best atmosphere.

It also reminds me what a loss it is for Good Looking and LTJ Bukem to no longer have MC Conrad as a part of the GLO stable. I’m not exactly sure what happened but word is they have fallen out and are not likely to reconcile. Part of the attraction of  seeing Bukem live was the fact Conrad was so unique and worked so well in combination with Bukem and the music. It appears that Good Looking may have owned the rights to the name “MC Conrad” so since the split Conrad goes by the name of Con*Natural. I hope they patch it up!

Anyway, I have looked all over the Internet and it appears that most of these sets are not available online (at the time of writing). Hit download to open it up on Media Fire.


Individual tracklists I found online…….

LTJ Bukem
Sounds Of Life – Hidden Rooms [Certificate 18]
Universal – Groove Therapy [Looking Good]
JMJ & Richie – Montana [Moving Shadow]
LTJ Bukem – Horizon [Looking Good]
Ils & Solo – Sweet Sunshine [Looking Good]
J Majik – Repertoire [Metalheadz]
DJ Fokus – I Want [Lucky Spin]
PFM – One & Only [Looking Good]
Forme – New Element [Mo’ Wax – Headz 2A LP]
E-Z Rollers – Believe [Moving Shadow]
Mad Dog – Seance (Jack N Phil remix) [Basement]
Foul Play – Being With You [Moving Shadow]
Future Bound – Sorrow [Skanna]
Photek – The Water Margin (95 VIP Mix) [Unreleased]
Wots My Code – Dubplate [XLR8]

Deep Blue – Helicopter Tune
Photek – The Water Margin
Digital – Spacefunk
Alex Reece – Pulp Fiction
Skanna – Find Me
LTJ Bukem – Music
Rufige Kru – VIP Riders Ghost
Souljah – Fade To Black
J Majik – Your Sound
Roni Size – The Calling (Goldie Remix)
Adam F – Circles
Dillinja – Acid Trak
Metalheads – Terminator
Doc Scott – VIP Drumz
LTJ Bukem – Horizons
Peshay – Represent

Intense – Natural Progression [Creative Source]
Flytronix – The Rhode Tune [Moving Shadow]
Carlito – Heaven [Creative Source]
Nookie – Only You [Reinforced]
Apollo Two – Atlantis (LTJ Bukem remix) [Good Looking]
Wax Doctor – Offshore Drift [R&S – Wax Doctor: Selected Works 94-96 LP]
Wax Doctor – Atmospheric Funk [Talkin’ Loud]
Doc Scott – Far Away (Fourteen Flavours Of Funk) [Metalheadz]
Skanna – Find Me [Skanna]
Aquarius – Drift To The Centre [Looking Good]
Adam F – F-Jam [F-Jams]

Rufige Kru – VIP Rider’s Ghost (The Origin)
LTJ Bukem – Music
Cybotron Feat. Dillinja – Threshold
? [No U-Turn?]
Photek – Form & Function
Trace – Sonar + Dillinja – What’s The Deal!
Roni Size?
Digital – Spacefunk (Doc Scott Remix)
Dillinja – Acid Trak
Adam F – Jaxx
Bad Company – Hornet
Breakbeat Era – Rancid Rinse
Capone – 2 Da 1
DJ Die – Drop Bear
PFM – Dreams
Ed Rush, Optical, & Fierce – Alien Girl
Roni Size – Only A Dream
LTJ Bukem – Horizons

Motive One – Loop Progression (Good Looking)
BNM – Blade Runner Blues
DJ Crystl – Mind Games
Doc Scott – Tokyo Dawn [Good Looking]
Photek & Tayla – Soul Searching
Blu Mar Ten – She Moves Through [Good Looking]
Bim Sherman – Can I Be Free Of Crying (Underwolves Remix)
LTJ Bukem – Rainfall
PFM – The Mystics
Source Direct – Secret Liasons
PFM – Rough With The Smooth
Adam F – Aromatherapy [F-Jams]
Dave Wallace – Future Realities Pt.1 [All Good Vinyl]
JMJ & Richie – Free La Funk (PFM Remix) [Moving Shadow]
Artemis – Elysian Fields [Good Looking]
St. Etienne – The Sea (PFM Remix) [Creation]
Seba & Lotek – Universal Music [Good Looking]

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