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Outrage: 1990-1994 Two Hour Old Skool Special

Outrage of Function Recordings and Backlash fame has concocted this epic 2 hour set from 1990 to 1994, a proper history lesson in the evolution from hardcore to jungle. -download- 1 – Subnation – Scottie – Future Vinyl 003 (1993) 2 – Doc Scott – Drumz VIP – Metalheadz (1996) 3 – DJ Crystl –

Tune Of The Day: Tom & Jerry – We Can Be Free

Absolute vintage hardcore from Tom & Jerry aka 4hero aka Marc Mac and Dego. Back in 1992 onwards the  Tom & Jerry rouse seemed to be an outlet for their more dancefloor material, going on to make huge anthems like Air Freshener and Maximum Style. This one though is all out hands- in-the-air-breakdown oldskool. Also