Law – All Artist / Producer Mixes

If you’ve been following Drumtrip you’ll know I have knocked up a fair few all artist mixes over the years. I’m aware that plenty of people are not really a fan of these types of mixes, thinking they are a bit lazy or obvious. I can understand that argument to an extent – it would be easy to

State Logik – Technologik (State of the Art Recordings)

Back in the day when Kiss FM actually meant something, their specialist shows were broadcast across the short lived Kiss network for a few months between the end of 1996 and beginning of 1997. Sunday evenings were split alternatively between the Fabio & Grooverider show or one of the other dnb djs namely Frost, Randall,

J. Majik – Jim Kutta / Needle Point Majik

For perhaps the most respected label in the drum & bass scene, a label with a collective vision to steer jungle beyond standard dance-floor fare, most Metalheadz releases actually go for pretty cheap. In fact, with the exception of perhaps four or five 12”s amongst their first 30 from the golden era, collectors can pick

Who was Baraka? It wasn’t Jonny L after all…

Over the last few years “I’ll Be There“, by the apparent mystery producer Baraka, has become an extremely sought-after, cult tune. As it was never clear on the label who Baraka actually was – although Kid Andy is listed as ‘co-ordinator’, many people (myself included) had speculated that Baraka was in fact an alias for

Drumtrip Radio #025 – DJ Ghaleon [14/01/15]

For our 25th show we were delighted to welcome, all the way from Toronto, DJ Ghaleon for his debut Drumtrip Radio show. The selection was, quite frankly, mad. Check the little reggae / dancehall selection at the beginning, featuring the original sources of a few samples you’ll no doubt recognise. Get the schedule and archives for

Drumtrip Radio #024 – Nibbers [07/01/15]

NIBBERS IN THE HOUSE! The big man, aka the italian stallion,  aka Rocky Balboa aka Nibbers, takes us through the first Drumtrip Radio show of 2015. Beautiful as always. Get the schedule and archives for Drumtrip Radio at Follow us and get alerts for the shows at The Bookworm ~ Who Knows Fast