State Logik – Technologik (State of the Art Recordings)

R-327742-1294783019.jpegBack in the day when Kiss FM actually meant something, their specialist shows were broadcast across the short lived Kiss network for a few months between the end of 1996 and beginning of 1997.

Sunday evenings were split alternatively between the Fabio & Grooverider show or one of the other dnb djs namely Frost, Randall, and I think Hype and Kenny Ken.

This is where I first heard Technologik. On every show. It was such a good track.

It starts with a smooth rolling break and gentle percussion, a real head-nodder. And then comes the bass. Sounding like it’s been lifted straight from late 80s Chicago the bass hook is simple, its warm, its catchy and most of all its effective.

Technologik was released under an EP title of Artifacts Vol 1 on State of the Art recordings. SOTA was run by a trio of producers who were most widely known as Solid State. The highpoint of their dnb career probably being releases on Renegade recordings and Creative Source in the mid to late nineties.

To me this is one of the most under rated tracks of that era and isn’t one that’s mentioned much these days. Something I’ve never quite understood given its support from the scenes main players.

A real bargain too, with plenty available on ‘cogs from just a pound.

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