All Nookie Mix 92 – 94 – Mixed by Law

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Nookie-MixNookie aka Cloud 9, in my opinion, is one of the real unsung heroes of drum and bass today in 2012.
Starting from 1991 he is behind countless anthems, whether he was creating energetic and happy hardcore tracks or carving deep drum and bass masterpieces for Moving Shadow under his Cloud 9 moniker – his name was synonymous with the hardcore and jungle scene.
He also collaborated with Ray Keith throughout the 90’s and was often engineer for some of Ray’s biggest tracks such as Terrorist and Dark Soldier. Together they are responsible for some of the biggest remixes of the time.

He launched his own shop and label called Daddy Armshouse in Hitchin, Herts (next town over from where I’m at) and the record shop remained under the names Tygerstyle and Unknown Zone up until the mid 2000’s.

Nookie continued through the late 90’s releasing his own brand of deep drum and bass for Good Looking records before launching his own imprint Phuzion – You can now get mp3 copies of all his classics through Phuzion recordings.

On a complete whim yesterday I knocked up an all Nookie mix for the years he was probably at his most prolific; 92-94.
Featuring a whole heap of aliases across several labels it was completely unplanned and as such the mixing isn’t my best work but as always with Drumtrip its all about the tunes.
The mix….

01.. Cloud 9 – Mindbomb – Vinyl Connection
02.. Nookie – Spellbound – Bootleg
03.. Freddy Fudpukker – Midnight Affair – Symphony Sounds
04.. Cloud 9 – Gonna Be Alright – Vinyl Connection
05.. Cloud 9 – Call My Name (A.A.S Remix) – Moving Shadow
06.. From The Man Like Pennywise – Suspension Of Disbelief – Symphony Sounds
07.. Nookie – Shining In Da Darkness – Reinforced
08.. Johnny Jungle – Flammable (Cloud 9 Remix) – Suburban Base
09.. From The Man Like Pennywise – Mystery – Symphony Sounds
10.. Nookie – Devotion – Reinforced
11.. Cloud 9 – You Got Me Burnin’ (Original Mix) – Moving Shadow
12.. Foul Play – Open Your Mind (Nookie Remix) – Moving Shadow
13.. Nookie – Give A Little Love ’94 – Reinforced
14.. Cloud 9 – Gun Star Hero – Moving Shadow
15.. Goldie – Inner City Life (Nookie Remix) – FFRR
16.. Remarc – Ricky (Nookie & Ray Keith Remix) – Dollar
17.. Cloud 9 – Blissful Ignorance – Moving Shadow
18.. Nookie – I’ll Give It To You – Moving Shadow
19.. Gappa G & Hyper Hypa – River Nijer (Nookie Remix) – Ruff Kutt!
20.. Rogue Unit – Dance Of The Sarooes (Nookie VIP) – Labello Blanco

If you want to hear more Nookie tracks its worth taking a look at Blick’s excellent All Nookie mix which features a load of different releases and some of the more rolling Good Looking stuff.

About Law

Main author and creator of Drumtrip. I have been listening to and mixing drum and bass in its various forms since 1998. Drumtrip was designed to celebrate the glory years between 1991 and 1997.

  • Max Boost Dj Nookie Legend!!

  • Traffic

    This is going to be absolutely awesome… RIVER NIJER!!!

  • Something about Shining In Da Darkness makes it my favourite. My other one was Ruff (Remix) on Moving Shadow. Great mix though, so many good memories.

  • Jason oS

    nice one! Thanks for the mix Law 🙂 Nookie is such a master!

  • AiR


    Spellbound wasn’t a bootleg, it was official by the old Vinyl Connection label guys..

  • Ah right. I assumed it was a bootleg as it was a tiny white label run and it has that Twin Peaks sample in it. Good to know. Thanks

  • mr w

    what a cracking mix of mr cheungs toons.Just dropped on your site during a nookie google search was feeling nostalgic.I found my self in london june 92 a avid clubber raver from the north of england where italian house piano cheese and stuff was derigeur i got the shock of my liife when i ventured out on my first saturday night.the orange at the rocket hollaway road TAMSIN SQUIRRELL RAP RANDALL RAY KEITH MC MC the bass i was hooked.It was the astoria the camden palace hippodrpmee {bank holidays } kool fm club telepathy paradise islington i went the first AWOL i lived in chappell market next door.Seen randall in full flow mixing.I went to some great label nights as well LABELLO BLANCO IBIZA RECORDS PRODUCTION HOUSE MOVING SHADOW RAM RECORDS was there for the first public dropping of origin unknown valley of the shadows what a scene.Sadly i was dragged back to yorkshire by our OLD BILL after 3 yrears the judge said AT LARGE…i thought to myself yeah you not wrong LARGEING IT.Did my bit and met a girl got settled down forgot about dnb tuned into rad 1 groove and fabio but it wasnt the same your page the era you cover is dnb all the diff mutations dark core etc as it was finding its feet.Well done on your site mr law thught the goldie interveiw was special i met him at a breakers battle 83 time ish top guy.Id love to hear the NOOKIE interveiw do you know why he chose the mane nookie i think ive sussed it NOOKIE BEAR the ventrilaquists dummy with the eyes that roll all over like after a load of little fellas .Allthough what passes for little fellas these days they wunt have the strength to make them roll all over.ok then mr law stay safe and sound mr w

  • Big up mate. Thanks for your comments mate. Good to know people who experienced this back in the day like the site. Means a lot.

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