The Law – All Invisible Man Mix

invisible man - on a missionHailing from Oxford, Graham Mew started life as a producer as Doctor G producing vintage breakbeat hardcore in 1991 and ’92.
The Invisible Man alias surfaced that year with the launch of his new label Timeless Recordings in late 1992.
The labels first release was the seminal On A Mission EP which helped laid the blueprint for the convential drum and bass sound.

Oxford was a hotbed for the ethereal, techno influenced sound with compatriots at Legend Recordings pushing a similar style with The Invisible Man often working as engineer for Q-Project and Gwange on tracks such as the anthemic Champion Sound.

Further releases on Timeless and Bukem’s Good Looking imprint concreted his status as one of the top producers and engineers on the circuit.

One of my favourite tracks of his was under the name of The Undergraduates called ‘Into Da Future‘.
It was revealed in an interview some years later, that Mew used The Undergraduates alias as the track was one of the first to use the breakbeat found on a recent issue of Future Music magazine CD after Andy C and Ant Miles made it famous on Valley Of The Shadows.
He confesses it would have been released under the ‘Invisible Man’ pseudonym if he came across the sample just a couple of weeks earlier.

To the mix….
A selection of pretty much all his work between 1992 and 1994, rolled out on vinyl and mixed by hand for your listening pleasure.

01.. The Invisible Man – The End… (Drug Induced Psychosis Mix) – Timeless
02.. The Invisible Man – The End… (Alternate Mix) – Timeless
03.. The Invisible Man – Twisted – Timeless
04.. The Invisible Man – On A Mission – Timeless
05.. The Invisible Man – Cyclone – Sublogic
06.. The Invisible Man – Power – Timeless
07. The Invisible Man – The Beginning – Timeless
08.. The Invisible Man – The Tone Tune – Good Looking
09.. The Undergraduates – Space – Camden Tunes
10.. The Invisible Man – Skyliner – Timeless
11.. The Invisible Man – The Flute Tune – Sublogic
12.. The Undergraduates – Into Da Future – Timeless
13.. The Invisible Man – The Bell Tune – Good Looking
14.. Mysteron – U Don’t Know – Timeless
15.. The Invisible Man – Skyliner (Remix) – Timeless

About Law

Main author and creator of Drumtrip. I have been listening to and mixing drum and bass in its various forms since 1998. Drumtrip was designed to celebrate the glory years between 1991 and 1997.