All Splash / Juice Recordings Mix by Dave M

juiceVery rarely, very very rarely, the users of Drum & Bass Arena forums (myself included) actually make themselves useful.
This time, B.D. aka Tim Reaper rallied the troops to come up with an all Splash / Juice Recordings mix, and within 48 hours, it was complete.

Dave M AKA Bwian AKA Brain Badonde AKA The Richest Man In Jungle, answered the call.

Splash Recordings was launched back in 1994 as a outlet for the work of Daz Ellis (Splash / Undercover Agent), Juice was launched the following year by brothers Darren and Jeff Hickey and Splash became a sister label to Juice. Production followed from Daz under his various aliases and along with Darren (M.T.S.), Embee and Facs. The label’s had a tough jungle sound, very much aimed at the dance floor. They remained prolific labels in the scene when they both stopped outputting material around 2001/2002.

Some personal highlights of mine include Borderclash (2001), Dub Plate Circles (1996) and Oh Gosh (1995), all on Juice coincidentally.

To the mix…

Undercover Agent – Rougher Pt 3 – Splash
Majistrate – What’s Up – Splash
Majistrate – Open Circuit – Splash
Undercover Agent – Dream – Juice
M.T.S – Hard Disk – Juice
M.T.S – Baad Boy Sound – Juice
Majistrate – Step On V.I.P – Splash
Splash – Babylon – Dee Jay Recordings
Undercover Agent – Dub Plate Circles – Juice
Undercover Agent – Five Tones – Juice
Undercover Agent – Slaughter (remix) – Juice
Undercover Agent – Hypnosis (remix) Juice
Indicas Rhythm – Stuck In My Mind – Splash
Undercover Agent – Oh Gosh – Juice
Splash Collective – Rebels – Splash
M.T.S – Hard Disk (Zinc Remix) – Juice
Daz – Liquidizer – Splash
M.T.S – Brothers & Sisters – Juice
Daz – Identity – Splash
Majistrate – Retry – Juice
Splash – Babylon (Daz Remix) – Juice
Majistrate – Remote Control – Splash
Embee – Walk Tall – Juice
Majistrate – Pressurous – Splash
Undercover Agent – Slaughter (original) – Juice
Ayman – Get Ruff – Juice
Embee – Niceness – Splash

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