Dave M – Waitrose Essential 1993 Mix

R-74046-1341070450-3766Another mix here courtesy of Dave M aka Brian Badonde, and it’s a great idea and selection.

I thought this fitted in with the Drumtrip Bargain Jungle series perfectly – Not a single tune, but a whole mix of tunes available for under a fiver.

Hold tight for further Bargain Jungle mixes from Brian as he goes through the years.

A word from the man himself…

Welcome to my Waitrose Essential 1993 mix. Waitrose Essential I hear you say? Well… all tunes featured here are available Discogs at prices under £5 (at time of mix).

Today, I browsed the aisles and filled my trolley up with cheap selections. Not all hardcore/jungle these days needs to be expensive to buy.

So velcro up your trainers, get your vouchers/coupons out and enjoy the mix.

Metalheadz – Angel – Synthetic
Original DJ Vibes – All Crew (Mix 2) – Sensi Records
Ment 4 Bass – You Don’t Know – Liquid Wax Recordings
Cool Hand Flex – This Is The Way – U No Dat
Anthill Mob – 1,2,3 (Kimble Remix) – Underdog Recordings
DJ Strings – Mystery 159 (Remix) – Robert Maxwell Records
L Double – Low Down & Funky – Formation Records
Tango & Ratty – Tales From The Darkside (Mickey Finn & Bay B Kane Remix) – Tango & Ratty
Tayla – Bang The Drums – Good Looking Records
Johnny Jungle – Twilight – Dee Jay Recordings
Kool Crew 94.5 – Junglist Massive – Soapbar
Cool Hand Flex – Dark & Misty – De Underground
Ruff & Tumble Crew – Innocence – Brain Progression
Original DJ Vibes – Untitled (Style EP) – Dance Floor Studios
Bizzy B – Total Amnesia – Big City Records
Stooge – Untitled – Stooge Productions
Sacred – Call Da Kops (Remix 1) – Pursuit Records
Boomtown Productions – Do It Hardcore – 786 Approved
Rap & Aston – Jeopardy – Suburban Base Records
Johnny Jungle – Johnny (Slipmaster J Mix) – Dee Jay Recordings
The Specialist – I Don’t Wanna B Free – Brain Progression
Optical Haze – The Storyteller – Out Of Romford Records
Mickey Finn – D-Pressed – Dee Jay Recordings
DJ Hype – The Trooper (Bizzy B Remix) – Suburban Base Records
Original DJ Vibes – Moving Grooving – Sensi Records
Richie Covers – Need To Rush – Gyroscope Records
Future Sound Of Hardcore – Promised Land – Dee Jay Recordings

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