J-Rolla – The Darker Mix [1992]

J-Rolla has a record collection that would be the envy of pretty much anyone, I often gawp it on Discogs and try desperately to find a 12″ of mine that he doesn’t own, I rarely win.
To further reinforce this fact he often puts together splendid mixes across the hardcore, jungle, D&B spectrum as well as Dubstep and probably music you have never even heard of / doesn’t exist yet!

My point is, our James knows a bit about Jungle so you best listen to this superb mix entitled The Darker Mix.
Cramming 31 tunes in 80 minutes it pretty much shows you the best that Darkcore had to offer.

01: t. power & the sandman – oedipus complex (bonus beats) [soapbar]
02: s.m.f. – aardvark [rugged vinyl]
03: hannibal lector – suicide [asylum]
04: doctor g – the beeline [g-spot]
05: bizzy b – brainstorm [brain]
06: kev bird & the wax doctor – airspace [basement]
07: reel II reel – private & confidential (B1) [reel 2 reel]
08: megadrive – mega 1 (B) [f project]
09: dj spice – brand new (stressed out mix) [soapbar]
10: nick power & dj ku – mus’ get dark [ruff tuff & wicked stuff]
11: structural damage – really livin [symphony sounds]
12: tom & jerry – we can be free [tom & jerry]
13: a guy called gerald – darker than I should be [juice box]
14: specky ranx & navigator – wild & free [x amount]
15: cool hand flex – your risk [de underground]
16: foul-play – feel the vibe [oblivion]
17: nebula II – peace maker [reinforced]
18: johnny jungle – I like to cry [face]
19: bad influence – such a feeling [bad influnce]
20: the good, 2 bad & hugly – know how to rock [ruff kut!]
21: the impact crew – feels good [u no dat]
22: sublove – drum + bass programme [earth]
23: metal heads – knowledge [synthetic hardcore phonography]
24: bay-b-kane – hello darkness [ruff guidance]
25: s.l.m. – the horror [tone def]
26: the good, 2 bad & hugly – got to release [ruff kut!]
27: dj clarkee – have a good time [red zone]
28: biology productions – stop cry [biology]
29: sound corp – security overload [tone def]
30: body snatch – esoterics (dark mix) [big city]
31: acen – obsessed [production house]

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