Eazyflow – Early 1993 Dark Side Mix

This might be the second mix of Eazyflow we have featured, this one thunders out some classic darkcore styles with some total classics like Shot In The Dark and Terminator, alongside few more obscure bits in the mix.

Following on from the early 93 mix I posted a couple of weeks ago which was on the happy tip, this is part 2 which is a much more darker and scarier affair. Hope y’all like it 🙂

Tango & Dom – My Mind Is Going (Remix) (Double Vision)
Chaos & Julia Set – Scud Beats (Recoil)
Agent Orange – Gettin Rougher (Kaos Mix) (Dog Tag)
Primary Source – The Och (Reinforced)
D.O.P.E – When I Was Young (Easy B & T Bags Revisited Mix)
Johnny Jungle – Johnny (Face)
Nasty Habits – Here Comes The Drumz (Reinforced)
Sound Corp – The Toll (Tone Def)
Dj Hype – Shot In The Dark (Q Bass Remix) (Suburban Base Remix)
Miranda – Back To The Future (Liquid Wax)
Dj Mayhem – Storm Trooper (Basement)
Nebula II – X Plore H Call (Reinforced)
Dj Hype – I Cant Understand It (Reinforced)
Dj Lee – Touch Of Darkness (Impact)
Chaos & Julia Set – Bounce (Recoil)
Dj Phantasy – What Possessed You Boyee (Liquid Wax)
Oaysis – Do You Dream (93 Remix) (F Project)
Dj Phantasy – Take My Soul (Liquid Wax)
Intense – White Doctor Groove (Bush Mix) (Underground Level)
Megadrive – Mega 2 (A Side) (F Project)
Two Dark Troopers – I Wanna Be Your Lover (Basement)
Scott & Keith – Deranged (Bonus Drums Mix) (Reinforced)
Rufige Kru – Terminator (Synthetic Hardcore Phonography)
Chaos & Julia Set – Atmosphere (Sub Bass Field Mix) (Recoil)

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