DJ eXtreme – The Deep Seven Mix

It has been a long while since the last post but it’s a good one.
DJ eXtreme of Hardscore is definitely the definition of jungle veteran; obviously an obsessive collector with an enormous database of releases… in his head.

This is a special mix, made up of tunes from a short lived label from 1993 called Deep Seven.
The label itself, importantly, features tracks from legendary Ram founders Ant Miles and Andy C, from around the time that Ram really started to get going in 1993 (Valley Of The Shadows anyone?) .

Admittedly this label had passed me by (it would have done, I was 9 years old) but I haven’t come across it since, what makes it more surprising is the inclusion of several Ram styled licks.

Expertly mixed by eXtreme, enjoy this one.
And don’t bother looking to collect these tunes on vinyl unless you have very deep pockets. I thought about that, and then thought better of it (if you can find half of then that is).


01 Double Vision – Easy Does It
02 Ironik – 4am
03 Double Vision – What Kind of World
04 Ironik – Believe In
05 Ironik – The Calling
06 Folosaphers – Age of Insanity
07 Light & Dark – Phantasy (Mix 1)
08 Co2 – Fuse Mix
09 Faze Lock – Feel It
10 Folosaphers – Realization
11 Faze Lock – Come Again
12 Co2 – Time Bomb
13 Legal Offence – Burnin’ Up
14 Aeon Flux – Unconscious Thoughts
15 Release – The Jungle
16 Aeon Flux – Reality
17 Ironik – Believe In (Remix)
18 Release – Musical Movements
19 Legal Offence – Burnin’

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