LTJ Bukem Interview – Atmosphere Mag 1994

ltj-bukem-interview-atmosphere-mag-1994Another interview from the archives here.
This one features Danny Bukem just as Good Looking were really reinforcing themselves as one of Jungle’s premier labels alongside stalwarts like Moving Shadow, Reinforced and Production House.

He lists the labels past hits and cites forthcoming tracks like The Dolphin Tune (Photek), The Piano Tune (Peshay) and of course Horizons which eventually would be come the first release on sister label Looking Good.

Bukem also mentions wanting to branch into Hip Hop and House which they did with the labels Cookin and Earth, and mentions (perhaps obviously) that Demons Theme is the track that really got his name, and Good Looking’s out there.

It also seemed fairly run of the mill for Atmosphere mag to make typos, get tune and producers names wrong. Especially where they mention a new release on Good Looking forthcoming as “PFM” and just “The Piano”

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