dBridge Dubs On Doves Mix for Trap Mag

dbridge_pressdBridge, a man who needs no introduction (but will get one anyway), has arguably been one of the most creative and consist producers in the drum and bass scene for the last 10 years.
Post millennium he has conjured up tracks for labels like Metalheadz (releasing what is in my opinion the last truly great drum and bass anthem ‘True Romance’) and Creative Source whilst establishing his own imprint, Exit Records, as one of the most original and forward thinking of the genre.

Along with Instra:mental, dBridge and his Exit Records productions pioneered the ‘Autonomic’ sound, which I think has been probably been the only real interesting development within drum and bass circles since the liquid explosion in the early 2000’s.

Before that he was known as one quarter of the much celebrated Bad Company, along with Fresh, Maldini and Vegas he helped produce legendary tracks such as The Nine, Planet Dust, Four Days and the essential albums Digital Nation and Inside The Machine.

But his beginnings in the scene go back to before Bad Company. One of his earliest releases was a b-side to an MC ID tune called Crash Test No 2 which was then followed up by a couple of hard stepping jungle tracks like Keep It Real on Trouble On Vinyl in 1995.

Having always been a excellent selector, dBridge ended up holding down a regular show on Rinse FM until his stint on the former pirate ended only this month.
For this mix dBridge dusts off a whole heap of classic vinyl, venturing into early 90’s hardcore to the dark jungle techno sound of 1993 and beyond.
Loads of personal favourites in this mix, to name a few…. State Of Art, Space Cakes, Drowning In Her, Lion Heart, Jump MKII…. I’ll stop there before I just list every tune.

True to the craft

1. State Of Art – Suburban Knights – Intelligent Music Company (1994)
2. The Sound Of Music (Original Mix) – Nookie – Reinforced Records (1995)
3. Watch Out – D’Cruze – Suburban Base (1994)
4. Dark Stranger (Origin Unknown Remix) – Boogie Times Tribe – Suburban Base (1993)
5. Melody Madness – Cool Hand Flex – De Underground Records (1994)
6. Gangsta – Trinity – Philly Blunt Records (1995)
7. Lion Heart – Berty B and Dillinja – Lionheart (1994)
8. Hello Lover (DJ Hype Remix) – Fallen Angels – IQ Records (1994)
9. Renegade Snares (Foul Play Remix) – Omni Trio – Moving Shadow (1993)
10. Darkage (All Night Remix) – DJ Solo – Production House (1993)
11. Who Jah Bless? – Studio 2 – Jet Star Records (1993)
12. Drowning In Her – 4 Horsemen Of The Apocalypse – Tone Def Records (1993)
13. Feel (Feel Good) – Omni Trio – Candidate Records (1993)
14. Space Cakes – Kaotic Chemistry – Moving Shadow (1992)
15. The Bell Tune – Invisible Man – Good Looking Records (1993)
16. Terminate – FBD Project – Bang In Tunes (1993)
17. Axis – Dj Solo – Production House (1993)
18. Open Your Mind (Foul Play Remix) – Foul Play – Moving Shadow (1993)
19. Hall Of Mirrors (Omni Trio Mirror Image Remix) – JMJ Richie – Moving Shadow (1993)
20. Superpod – Acro – Force Ten Records (1993
21. Euphony (Kuff Mix) – Bodysnatch – Big City Records (1992)
22. Dirty Games – Studio 2 – Jet Star Records (1993)
23. Dub War – Dance Conspiracy – Metamorphosis Records Inc (1992)
24. The Horn Track (Original Mix) – Egyptian Empire
25. Tales From The Darkside – Tango and Ratty – Tango & Ratty (1992)
26. Livin’ In Darkness – Top Buzz – Basement Records (1992)
27. Why – D Livin – D-Livin (1992)
28. Into Da Future (Micro Mix) – The Undergraduates – Camden Tunes (1993)
29. Flammable – Johnny Jungle – Suburban Base (1993)
30. Easy – Danny Breaks – Droppin Science (1995)
31. Jump Mk II – Studio Pressure – Certificate 18 (1993)
32. Time Stretch – Roni Size – V Recordings (1994)
33. Scottie – Subnation – Future Vinyl (1993)
34. Anything – A Guy Called Gerald – Columbia (1991)

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