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Interview with Tekniq

DJ Hostyle (one half of Tekniq) talks to Jamie S23 about their early releases and production techniques, life with Formation Records and his time within the jungle scene. What’s next for this talented dj and producer? Read on the find out.. Having been a producer since the early 90’s your journey into underground dance music

Whatever happened to Omni Trio?

The state of post millennium drum and bass Since the turn of the millennium there has been a worrying phenomenon within the D&B scene – really great producers often get bored and look elsewhere. Well, its not quite as simple as that so let me explain. Since it’s creative peak in the mid 90s, beyond

Drumtrip Sessions #08 – DJ Vapour

Session number eight is supplied by DJ Vapour. As well as running his own successful drum and bass imprint 36 Hertz, Vapour has had releases on labels such as Dread, 31 Records, C.I.A. and Basement. He is known as one of the scene’s premier remixers, updating classic tracks like Maximum Style, We Are IE, Living In

Drumtrip Sessions #07 – DJ Monita

Drumtrip Sessions #07 – DJ Monita (Interview and Mix) I am very pleased to say that Drumtrip Session seven comes in the form of an interview and mix by boss of the excellent Skeleton Recordings, and of “Luv Ta Luv Ya” fame; DJ Monita. I caught up with the man himself on Twitter and he

Interview with FX (Demonic Possession)

There is a lot of retro jungle stuff flying around at the moment. The self-proclaimed Future Jungle scene is bubbling away nicely, drum and bass labels are always after tracks with nods to the past, and producers more known for their techno and house excursions are piling on the amens and sirens! Very rarely will Drumtrip

DJ Mag interview with Law

In July I got an unexpected email from DJ Mag editor Ben Murphy saying he was a fan of Drumtrip and wanted to ask a few questions about the site, and my thoughts on drum and bass past and present. Low and behold Drumtrip has a whole page in September’s issue of DJ Mag. DJ