Nobukazu Takemura – Searching (Roni Size & Die Remix)

nobukazutakemura-childsview(remix)(1)(1)Today’s slice of bargain jungle is a beautifully understated remix by Bristolian’s Roni Size and DJ Die.

“Searching” is a cut from renowned Japanese DJ Nobukazu Takemura’s debut album “Childs View“. The original mix of “Searching” is a downtempo acid jazz piece released on the LP in 1994.

Released on a Childs View remix EP in the same year, Roni Size and Die’s remix strips it down and takes just a few choice samples, including the bulk of the vocals. The vocals combined with some tough but simple break beats, deep sub bass and mournful melody serve to turn the track from upbeat to a quite somber, almost introspective affair.

I found this one not via YouTube or Discogs, but actually whilst on a mammoth three hour crate dig at Haggle Vinyl in Islington. As well as three hours, it also cost me dusty fingers, a few paper cuts and crippling back pain thanks to rooting through so many piles of tunes on the floor, but I managed to come away with this and eight other nice jungle finds for 50 pence a piece!

You can save yourself that bother though and grab it on Discogs now from just £2.00! The EP also features a few other nice remixes from the Child’s View album from the likes of Cold Cut, Wagon Christ and Mad Professor.

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