Jon The Dentist ‎– France (DJ Trace V. Ed Rush Mix)


A bit of a cult classic this one.

Trance and Hard House producer Jon The Dentist meets two of D&B’s finest in Trace & Ed Rush.

There’s not too much information available online about the original mix – I assume it was 4-4 in nature, but Ed Rush and Trace turned it into a real D&B twinged slow burner. Released in 1995, its a step away from the crashing amen edits and cymbal splashes of their previous work, and follows on where Trace’s seminal remix of ‘Mutant Jazz‘ left off.

It opens with ominous strings before a simple two-step beat enters, comprising of just the kick and snare from the amen break. As the track progresses a deep, filtered reese bassline enters the fray, occasionally backed up by bubbling 808 sub hits. France’s last hurrah arrives when the “tighten up” break makes an appearance halfway through; high pass filtered, complimenting nicely the deconstructed amen loop.

Tracks like this really started to go beyond the stereotypical jungle sound, with its subtle and restrained style becoming the cornerstone of much of the dark drum and bass that followed it the years later.

You can pick this little 10″ up for less than a pound on Discogs.

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