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Main author and creator of Drumtrip. I have been listening to and mixing drum and bass in its various forms since 1998. Drumtrip was designed to celebrate the glory years between 1991 and 1997.

Drumtrip Radio #025 – DJ Ghaleon [14/01/15]

For our 25th show we were delighted to welcome, all the way from Toronto, DJ Ghaleon for his debut Drumtrip Radio show. The selection was, quite frankly, mad. Check the little reggae / dancehall selection at the beginning, featuring the original sources of a few samples you’ll no doubt recognise. Get the schedule and archives for

Drumtrip Radio #024 – Nibbers [07/01/15]

NIBBERS IN THE HOUSE! The big man, aka the italian stallion,  aka Rocky Balboa aka Nibbers, takes us through the first Drumtrip Radio show of 2015. Beautiful as always. Get the schedule and archives for Drumtrip Radio at Follow us and get alerts for the shows at The Bookworm ~ Who Knows Fast

Drumtrip Radio #023 – Law [17/12/14]

Happy new year to all the Drumtrip readers. I’ve been very slack with new posts lately, due to real life things getting the way such as Christmas and that place that pays me for stuff (work I think it’s called). So, a little later than usual, the last Drumtrip show of the year. This one was

Drumtrip Radio #022 – Brian Badonde [10/12/14]

For show 22 Dave M aka Brian Badonde, a Drumtrip Radio stalwart, returns to drop a real mixed-bag selection. Bashy jungle dubplates, deep atmospheric numbers, and everything in between. Internal Affairs – In My Soul – Reinforced The Man With No Name – Painted Man – Hard Disk Essence Of Aura – Can I Dream

Drumtrip Radio #021 – Beautifully Crafted Jungle [03/12/14]

Maph and the gang at @BeautifullyCrafted-Jungle return to Drumtrip Radio for two hour show chock full of heady-goodness. Get the schedule and archives for Drumtrip Radio at Follow us and get alerts for the shows at Tracklist: Alaska – Invisible New Vision – Symbols Photek – Hidden Camera (Static Mix) Intensity –

Drumtrip Radio #20 – The Return! [19/11/14]

Drumtrip Radio returned in style with a four hour special, with four DJs taking the reins for the evening. The Drumtrip family took control, with the schedule looking like this… 7pm – Law 8pm – Brian Badonde 9pm – DJ Jamie 10pm – Kola Nut Each DJ brought their own distinct style. I went for