Tune of the day: Splice – Pianism

Parliament RecordsNot enough people know about this early Omni Trio track.
A mate of mine got hold of this rare EP around 10 years ago, it was on Parliament records which was a label and record shop launched by Omni Trio around 1991.
Parliament records was pretty well known and thankfully was located in the same town I grew up in (Hertford, UK), I spent most of the years of 1998 to 2004 visiting that place every week.
It was nice knowing Hertford was a bit of melting pot for Jungle, with Rob Playford creating Moving Shadow there, all of 2 Bad Mice were (and still are) residents as well as many big names including Dylan (Droppin Science & Freak) and Roots (Moving Shadow) running the record shop.

This particular track called Pianism is everything I love about uplifting hardcore, proper breaks and infectious piano melodies, you can clearly hear Omni Trio fighting to get out of this track.
Its pretty expensive if you want a copy these days but if you see it, grab it.
RIP Parliament Records!

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