Tune Of The Day: JMJ & Richie – Hall Of Mirrors (Omni Trio Remix)

hall of mirrorsMusic from when Moving Shadow, in my opinion, were at their peak.
Nicely bridging the gap between jungle and hardcore, the way only the Shadow artist’s of the time could.

In 1993, Foul Play, Omni Trio, JMJ & Richie, Cloud 9 and Hyper On Experience to name a few; were all at the top of their game.

Two of them combined here to create a fantastic remix of the already great Hall Of Mirrors.
Omni Trio did what Foul Play had done so well; created a remix of a great tune but toughened it up and maybe simplified it a little for the dance floor.
Rob Haigh’s remix here takes away some of the elements of the original and add’s his own unique sound, with stuttery sub bass and twinkly keys and vox.
If you proclaim to be a Jungle fan but don’t get chills from this, something maybe wrong.

This track feature’s on my debut Drumtrip TV set here

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