TOTD: Oaysis – Outcry

outcryI don’t know a huge amount about Oaysis, as a trio their output was limited to a few early releases on DJ SS’s Formation Records and the dark Open Secrets on Moving Shadow in 1993.
One of the the three members was Danny Hopkins, better known as Hopa who formed a productive partnership with ‘Bones’ in 1994.

Outcry was released on Moving Shadow in ’94 as part of the label’s Two on One series. The series featured nine 12 inch’s released one a month, with each vinyl featuring one track by some very established producers such as Roni Size, Rufige Kru, Nookie and DJ Crystl. If you collect the whole series, the nine sleeves laid out to form a huge Moving Shadow World Domination logo. Definitely one for the collectors.

The track itself is a beauty. Great to mix, with punchy rolling beats and a nice break down half way through with twinkling keys and high pitched diva-esque vocals.
Not too expensive either, usually obtainable for under a fiver, as is most of the Two on One series.

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