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TOTD: DJ Mayhem – Inesse

If you read Drumtrip frequently, the chances are you know all about today’s Tune Of The Day. It might not have appeared on all the major label licenced Jungle compilations back in the day, but this is definitely one for the heads. To the best of my knowledge DJ Mayhem started out in 1992 on

Drumtrip Sessions #04 – J Rolla

Sessions #04 comes courtesy of J Rolla, the man with a record collection that makes me cry, and he has knocked up pirate radio special for Drumtrip. J explains the thinking behind #04…. I was first introduced to pirate radio in 1991, and it played a huge role in shaping my musical tastes. Being a

Recoil – High Plains Drifter Mix

Friend of Drumtrip, DJ Recoil from across the pond in Canada hits us with yet another punishing mix of deep and dark jungle. A real vintage and sometimes obscure selection featuring an unreleased track from jungle vet Bay B Kane. A few words from the man himself…. This is a mix I did yesterday – March 18th.