Repertoire – Past & Present EP. Feat. Invisible Man, Tim Reaper, Realside, Law & Wheeler



a2513783324_10This was due to be the first Repertoire release on vinyl since 2009, when Sophine / Cloud Fairy (X-Nation) kicked off the label. We’ve been planning this one for probably about a year, and have spent most of that time tracking down the right tunes.

Finally, we can announce the project and most importantly, the sounds.

A1) Realside – Where Ya Going? [2001]
Realside are a duo you may already have heard of. They have had tracks released and featured on LTJ Bukem’s Cookin’ Records, Sirkus and Deep Rooted. One half of Realside, Dom, is also better known as Sonar Cicle, a producer who had several singles and an album release on Reinforced.
“Where Ya Going?” nearly ended up on Good Looking records back in 2001, but we’re glad it didn’t so we can finally give it a home on Repertoire.

A2) Law & Wheeler – Natural Resource [2014]
A tune about five years in the making. Started in Manchester, and finally finished in Finsbury. North London last year. Not much else to say, but no prizes for guessing which producers this is an ode to…

B1) The Invisible Man – Sonic Illusion [1996]
Originally produced in 1996, “Sonic Illusion” is an atmospheric slow burner that requires your full attention. No mad amen edits here. Deep bass, swirling synths and spaced out effects – not for the casual listener. Criminal that it was never released before now.

B2) Tim Reaper – Second Chance [2014]
If you’re reading this there’s a good chance you know all about Tim Reaper already. We’ve been sitting on this one for a good six months now. The usual blistering amen edits can be found on “Second Chance”, only with a deeper, almost melancholy, vibe, peppered with mournful male vocals. One of his best yet in my opinion.

One again, this is an entirely DIY crowd funded project. There is no money to be made here, and this release can’t go ahead with your support.


*Please note, if you are ordering from abroad and have already ordered REPRV002, please contact Ben at and we’ll combine postage and ship both out in one go.


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