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First of all, hi. I’ve been out of action for a couple of months whilst I travelled America but hopefully Drumtrip will be getting more regular updates.

Anyway, a fantastic thread was started on Drum & Bass Arena yesterday entitled ‘ Things about DNB pre-widespread internet you “miss”‘ which basically sums up why drum and bass / jungle was so fondly looked upon by its fans in the 90’s.
Below, I’ve picked out a few prime quotes, I’m sure you can all relate;

Promos – the chase thereof. These were gold dust and restricted to the top boys. To bag a promo meant you were the member of the shop elite. Even if one was sat there, half winking at you from the rack above the till, you’d have the following conversation.

“Could I have that please?”
“Nah it’s reserved.”
“Is he definitely buying it then?”
“I dunno, he’s on holiday.”
“Until when?”
“Three months – he’s in Bali.”
Having to take a tape into the shop and getting someone to id the track you want on it
Ray Keith trying to push some promos on you without letting you listen to them (In Blackmarket)
Just the mystery really
Walkman at school, on in class, Blackmarket, Skiba and Shabba, headphones through the blazer arm, listening with my arm resting over my ear.
Groups of mates, mates of mates, older kids from the estate crowding round someones house for a huge mix up, about 7 DJs rotating and 283 local MCs.
Bunking school on promo day, Just to get all the new promos
I remember looking at the Bad Company logo and listenin to the tunes and thinking they must be some sort of elite underground drum and bass organisation drumming out futuristic filth
there was literally nothing better than hanging around in a record shop with a stack of tunes, pulling some inconspicuous looking plate out, listening to it and realising it was ‘THAT’ tune you’d been hearing all over the place.

Loads more to be found here; http://forum.breakbeat.co.uk/tm.aspx?m=1972176628
Post us some of your memories of back in the day, and join DNBA Forums in its deep rose tinted depression.

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