Uncle Dugs recorded live at Hackney Hardcore 18-07-13

dugsThe hardest working man in jungle Uncle Dugs’ managed to record this slamming all 1992 set when he played live at Hackney Hardcore on 18th July 2013.
Vintage selection, no anthems, no MC’s – Just hardcore. Check it out.

It starts off with possibly the rowdiest hardcore track of them all, the terribly produced but absolutely vibing track by Satin Storm – “Lets Get Together”. Other personal favourites in there include Final Conflict, Crystl’s first proper release “Drop XTC” and, 4Hero’s “We Can Be Free” of course Bukem’s GLO starting “Demons Theme”

It’s never dying!

Uncle Dugs with No MC’s recorded live and direct from Hackney Hardcore at Bar-A-Bar in Hackney on Friday 18/07/13

100% underground 1992 hardcore, no anthems…!!!

1. Satin Storm – Lets Get Together
2. DJ Clarkee – Have A Good Time
3. Andy C – Outer Limits
4. 4 Mega – Drop This
5. Tango & Ratty – Final Conflict
6. Nebula 2 – Peacemaker
7. Enforcers 1
8. Syko & Mak – C9 H13 NO3
9. DJ Crystal / Slipmaster J – Drop XTC
10. Breakdown EP
11. LTJ Bukem – Demons Theme
12. Pirate Radio News Clip
13. Tom & Jerry – We Can Be Free
14. Eat Life – Back To Basics
15. Lemon D – Pursuit Thru The Darkness
16. Jim Polo – Rollin Energy
17. Slipmaster J – Vision
18. Connection EP – Different Story
19. Body Snatch – The Strength
20. Last tune was Alien – Forseeing The Future which unfortunately got cut off the recording sorry 

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