Rufige Kru (Goldie) and Phantasy on Harddrive 89.5 FM Toronto – 1992

Toronto-BranchGoldie has had a busy 2013 and shows no signs of slowing down. Headz is stronger than ever, his retrospective LP ‘The Alchemist’ dropped and his new art exhibition “Lost Tribes” opened in November.

Thankfully he has still found time to relaunch his website and upload some gems to his new Soundcloud page @Goldie-Official.

This recording goes way back to 1992, Toronto 1992 to be exact. Canada is often credited as being the second home to jungle, and Toronto was one of the first major cities outside of the UK to really embrace the hardcore, jungle and D&B scene in the early 90s.

This radio show on Harddrive FM brings together Goldie alongside early Rufige Kru member Freebase, and scene stalwart DJ Phantasy. Over an hour of futuristic hardcore with Goldie handling mic duties, enthusiastically announcing soon to be released dubs like his own “Sinister” and 4 Hero’s “The Element (High Noon)”.

I always love hearing sets like this. You can hear the excitement and hope in the voices of everyone, knowing they are part of a music scene which is about to explode, pushing the boundaries and making music never heard before. It turned out alright didn’t it?

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