Law – All Source Direct Mix Part III

Hokusai "Plum Blossom and the Moon"

It occurred to me the other day that I had more than enough tunes to complete a third part of the All Source Direct mix series. I just had to pick up the one tune that has eluded me for sometime, the jazzy, slinky amen number ‘Jade‘, produced under Phil and Jim’s ‘Hokusai’ alias.

Their work as Hokusai, a name I assume is taken from legendary Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai, was a bit of a departure from the Source Direct sound.

It was dark, but never reached the evil depths like they did on ‘Exorcise The Demons’. But it also had a kind of jazzy noir feel to it which really comes across in tracks like Jade, Divine and 12 Till 4. A style not heard much within D&B other than from a handful of producers such as Photek, around the time of the “Hidden Camera” EP, and Hidden Agenda.

Once again this volume of the mix ecompasses pretty much all the styles and aliases the duo used throughout the 90s, starting from the deep jungle of Sounds Of Life, the precision edits and dark atmospheres of Source Direct, to the moody jazz tones of Hokusai.

The final third of the mix moves into the late 90s when Source Direct abandoned the mellow chords and strings in favour of horrifically bleak atmospherics created for the stunningly dark ‘Exorcise The Demons’ album on Virgin records subsidiary ‘Science’. To this day I don’t think anyone took D&B to a darker place than Source Direct did, ‘Technical Warfare” and “Stonekiller” are two perfect examples of how Drum and Bass can be dark, yet subtle and cinematic.

01. Sounds Of Life – Release The Bells – Certificate 18
02. Sounds Of Life – Currents – Certificate 18
03. Intensity – Generations – Basement
04. Source Direct – Fabric Of Space – Source Direct Recordings
05. The Medicine Men – Scream In The Jungle (Source Direct Mix) – Headroom
06. Oblivion – Sands Of Time – Street Beats
07. Mirage ‎– Just For You – Odysee
08. Sounds Of Life – Don’t Resist The Beat – Certificate 18
09. Mirage – Feel My Dreams – Odysee
10. Hokusai – 12 Till 4 – Source Direct Recordings
11. Hokusai – Jade – Source Direct Recordings
12. Source Direct – Web Of Sin – Metalheadz
13. Hokusai – Sculptures Hide – Odysee
14. Source Direct – Call & Response – Science
15. Source Direct ‎– Capital D. – Science
16. Source Direct – Mind Weaver – Science
17. Source Direct – Technical Warfare – Science

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