Hedgehog Affair – The Complete Story Mix – by Eazyflow

hedgehog-affairA great little mix here from Eazyflow which depicts the history of Basement Records pair Hedgehog Affair.
The duo Spencer T and Ron Wells had only a few releases between 1992 and 1994 but it was more a case of quality over quantity.

One of their best tracks (In my opinion) ‘The Pipe’  has been the subject of a little controversy recently.
Good Looking records artist “Furney” remixed it without the correct permission, resulting in a fairly public argument on Youtube as part of the fallout (most of which has now been removed). The new remix was just called “Furney – Pipez” without any reference the Hedgehog Affair which is a bit wrong considering the remix basically consisted of the original sample, sped up with new beats.

Anyway, enjoy the original sounds of The Hedgehog Affair here…

Eazyflow All Hedgehog Affair Mix 192 by Easyflow

Come On Lets Have Some Fun (Purple Heart)
Oh My God I’m A DJ (Basement)
Oh Wow What A Rush (Purple Heart)
These Are The Sounds Of House (Basement)
Thank Fxxx It’s Friday (Basement)
Second Rush (Basement)
Parameters (Basement)
We Told You (Basement)
Heaven Sent (Basement)
Mystic (Sound Entity)
Don’t Just Stand There (Basement)
Come On (Sound Entity)
The Pipe (Sound Entity)
Psychic Trauma (Sound Entity)
Monomania (Sound Entity)

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