The 2014 D&BA Forum Essential Jungle Mix 93-94

1993If you told me when I signed up to the forums at Drum & Bass Arena in 2002 that I would be still visiting the place on an almost daily basis in 2014; I would probably have seriously re-evaluated my future.

But here we are, 2014 and me and a whole bunch of others are still talking jungle, football and engaging in childish beefs over 10 years later. But it’s not all bad, there is a load of top quality DJ’s on the board with a great taste in jungle.

Back in 2006 I came  up with an idea I hadn’t seen anywhere else before. We created a jungle mix featuring five DJ’s from a cross the country (one across the pond) by each DJ mixing 5 tunes, and passing the mix on to the next. After which point I pasted the parts together to create a continuous set. You can see the original Essential Jungle Mix here.

The series returns for 2014 in two parts – First up is the 1993 to 1994 selection from myself, DJ eXtreme (Hardscore), Dave M AKA Brian Badonde, Tommy The Coat and DJ Vapour (36 Hertz).

All DJ’s went in deep, with a few elusive tunes such as the fabled unreleased Bukem track ‘Atmospherical Jubilancy’ courtesy of DJ eXtreme, and some VIP dubs from Vapour.

Enjoy, and hold tight for part two (1995 – 1996) coming very soon.

Brian Badondey
Fugitive – Fugitive [Underdog]
Beatgem – Missing [Dub]
Studio Pressure – Test 1 [Certificate 18]
Lewi & The Imposter – Shining [II Strong]
Dubtronix – Fantasy (Remix) [QDance]

Roni Size – Transaction [V]
LTJ Bukem – Atmospherical Jubilancy [Good Looking Dub]
Orca – Underwater Science [Lucky Spin]
Capone – Untitled (Black Wax E.P B1) [Target]
Ellis Dee feat. Tera – Brock Out [Silent Justice]

Law @Drumtrip
DJ Mayhem – Inesse [Face]
DJ Krust – The Resister [Full Circle]
DJ Fallout – Love Me [Rough Tone]
Van Kleef – Life Began Changing [PP9]
Noise Factory – Dreams [Kemet]

Tommy The Coat
Sleepwalker – Age Of Aquarius (LD Remix) [Hardtimes]
Edge Of Darkness – Angel Dust (Deep Blue Remix) [After Dark]
Sub Sequence – Music Is The Vibe [Too’z Up]
DJ Rap & Aston – Get Rushed [Suburban Base]
The Bookworm – Listen [Not On Label]

DJ Vapour
Monita & K-Rox – Don’t Take It (DJ Monk VIP) [Dub]
Cool Hand Flex – Mars [In Touch]
DJ Crystl – Inna Year 3000 [Force Ten Records]
DJ Monk & Tico – Good Body Girl (VIP Mix) [Dub]
Dillinja & Berty B – Lion Heart [Lion Heart]

About Law

Main author and creator of Drumtrip. I have been listening to and mixing drum and bass in its various forms since 1998. Drumtrip was designed to celebrate the glory years between 1991 and 1997.