Foul Play Interview – Atmosphere Mag [May 1994]

A little interview here in the May 1994 edition of Atmosphere Magazine. Big thanks to JJDeep Inside The Oldskool for the scan.

L-123-002When was Foul Play formed?
Foul Play was formed two and half years ago, we all met whilst DJing for various clubs such as Helter Skelter at Milwaukees.

Foul Play consists of three people; Stephen Bradshaw (Brad), John Morrow and Steve Gurley.

What have been your biggest tracks?
The biggest tracks we’ve had to date are our remixes of ‘Renegade Snares’ and ‘Lord Of The Null Lines, but our own tracks, probably ‘Open You Mind Remix’ and ‘Finest Illusion Remix’

What do you think of playing live?
We don’t really like doing live PA’s because its impossible to do everything live, but they’re a good way of earning money. IN the future we would like to work on doing more live work in our PA’s.

What are you inspired by?
Our style was inspired by a wide range of musical backgrounds, we were all DJ’s before and you can hear the hip hop, soul, rare groove and reggae influences in our music.

How do you promote your music?
We use a lot of DJ’s to promote our music on dubplate, but LTJ Bukem and Top Buzz always get our music first because they’ve supported us from day one.

At the moment we’re putting the vinishing touches to Vol 4 which will include a full vocal track, and some tracks that have been on dubplate since last year.

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For a much more in-depth interview and history lesson on Foul Play, be sure to catch Uncle Dugs’ Rinse FM interview with John Morrow here.

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