Project A-KO ‎– Afterglow Pt. 1 & 2

Project A-KOThe words “bargain jungle” and “4 Hero” are a match made in heaven, as today’s track will demonstrate.

Released on Reinforced in 1994, Project A-KO was a short-lived alias by the legendary Marc Mac and Dego.

The alias itself is taken from an 80s Japanese parody anime film of the same name. You can see the full film on YouTube here.

The intro to Afterglow Pt. 1 & 2 is very similar to the work created under the Internal Affairs alias (alongside Goldie) – Way ahead of it’s time, it it features that classic apache break (done the way only the Reinforced crew could), deep strings and vocals to start proceedings.

It may seem odd to add pt. 1 and & 2 to a track title, but upon listening to the track, all becomes clear.

At around the 3.30 minute mark, the track breaks down and switches up completely. News strings and new breaks appear before an acid twinged bassline takes things a little darker around 5.30 minutes. A track of three parts really.

A tune well worth a fiver on it’s own. However this track is just a quarter of the story.

The vinyl features three other excellent tracks, two in a similar vein to Afterglow, with “In Time” being a little more dancefloor friendly

I’m convinced this release would sell at a much steeper price had it been recorded under the 4 Hero or Manix / Tek 9 names. But thankfully you can pick it up for about 4 or 5 quid on Discogs. A steal.

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