Pat Metheny ‎– Across The Sky (Goldie Remix)

R-52657-1394999968-3650I found this one on my, sometimes costly, travels around Discogs. Despite being a huge Goldie fan, I had never heard it before, and was not disappointed when I found the YouTube video.

I know nothing the Pat Metheny group other that what Discogs told me; they are a “jazz fusion band founded in 1977 around a core nucleus of guitarist Pat Metheny and keyboardist Lyle Mays.”

The original mix of Across The Sky is quite a relaxed and pleasant downtempo affair, but Goldie completely switches it up for his 1998 drum and bass take on it.

It’s a much darker and builds ominously as it progresses, with but a few elements of the original remaining as it gets the Rufige treatment.

On the vinyl you also get another alternate Goldie mix, and will set you back a mammoth 50 pence on Discogs.

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